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Condenser coils are a very durable part of your air conditioning system, but when they’re damaged it can mean major problems.

Your condenser coil is located along the exterior of your outdoor unit. It’s an essential part of your air conditioner and can use some maintenance. It’s used to push hot air out of the air conditioning system, which makes the cooling process easier because the initial temperature of the refrigerant is lower when entering the cooling stage. One of the most common issues with condenser coils is either being dirty or clogged. Because it’s so close to the exterior of the system, it can collect a lot of pollen, dust, dirt and other debris. When this happens, the system isn’t able to push out as much heat as it normally would. The debris blocking the air doesn’t allow the system to extract as much heat from the refrigerant and through the condenser coil. With less heat transfer happening from the refrigerant, the initial temperature when entering the cooling stage is higher and your system has to work harder to cool it. If your coil needs a simple cleaning, it can be done fairly easily with a cleaning solution, water and a brush – thorough cleanings and/or clogs should be handled by a trained professional. These problems however, aren’t the ones that mean your system has critical damage. The thing you should be concerned about most with your condenser coil is a leak. Condenser Coil Leaks A condenser coil leak is a serious problem. It’s a very expensive repair that can often result in the full replacement of your unit. A leak in your condenser coil will leak refrigerant, causing your system to have less than the recommended charge (amount) of refrigerant in your system. Not only is this a concern on it’s own, but it can lead to damage of other parts of your system. Leaks are most often caused by corrosion. What causes the corrosion could be a multitude of things. Any household water that contains fluoride could cause corrosion, as could many acidic products like cleaning products, paint or adhesives. One other factor that can create leaks in your condenser coil (especially ones with copper to aluminum connections) is vibration. Vibration can have many different sources. For example, a dirty system is forced to work harder, which causes vibration that could lead to some parts becoming loose. While condenser coil leaks aren’t the most common air conditioner repair, they can happen as a result of the most common problem: a dirty system. Keeping your system clean and running efficiently will help prevent future repair (or replacement) costs. Book a service appointment for your air conditioner with Special Gas Services!


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