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Indoor air quality can impact your health and comfort. Given that we all spend much time indoors, all households should install the best HVAC system to make their indoors comfortable in all seasons. At Special Gas Services, we offer the best quality branded HVAC systems, including air purifiers in Brampton, to make your indoors comfortable and reduce dust. Contact us to learn more.


Various activities contributing to indoor air pollution are vacuuming the carpet, renovation projects, smoking, mould and dampness in the home. These may lead to the creation of dust, nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO), volatile organic compounds and biological pollutants such as bacteria, mould, and fungi, thus poor indoor air quality. Regular cleaning and a robust HVAC system can improve indoor air quality and filter the pollutants produced by everyday activities and household items.

Air purifier filters


You need good ventilation to maintain and improve indoor air quality in your home. Ventilation can remove pollutants from the house and bring fresh air from outside. There are several ways to improve air circulation:

Opening the windows
Using the exhaust fans in the bathroom
Turning on the range hood during cooking
Using the Heat recovery ventilators (HRV)
Using the Energy-recovery ventilators (ERV)

While opening windows for cross ventilation is a great way for fresh air during inclement weather, an HVAC system is the best solution to maintain clean and fresh air in the home. Contact Special Gas Services to learn more about our air purifier systems.


Opting for an air purification system will improve the air quality inside your home. There are two popular options, air filtration and air purification systems.


Air filtration systems have reusable or disposable filters to catch contaminants like dirt, dust, and other debris that worsen indoor air quality. Air filtration systems are the best method to prevent allergies and sickness among family members.


Air purifiers use UV light or ionization to kill biological pollutants such as viruses, fungi and bacteria. They sanitize the air from allergens, pollutants and toxins.


Air filters and purifiers are both helpful in keeping your indoor air clean and free of debris. They can be used in tandem to achieve better indoor air quality.


When considering installing an air filtration system to trap small dust particles or an air purifier to clean biological pollutants to improve indoor air quality, contact Special Gas Services for help. We carry the top brands for air filtration systems and air purifiers in Brampton.


Special Gas Services is an authorized distributor of HVAC brands, including Lennox®, which offers high-quality air purifiers and air filtration systems. We also carry air purifiers and filters from Daikin. We can help you choose the right equipment for your home to save money.

  • Lennox Air Purifiers

  • Daikin Air Purifiers


Special Gas Services also offers protection plans for your HVAC systems with a complete one-year part and labour warranty, which you can renew yearly. Learn more about protection plans.


Special Gas Services offers outstanding customer service. All our HVAC technicians are experienced, factory trained, and licensed and will install and service your equipment with incomparable professionalism.


Make the health of everyone in your home the top priority. Ensure that the air in your home is of the highest possible quality. Ask us about the type of air filtration system and air purifier to get for your home’s needs. Our friendly staff will happily answer your questions. Call us for a quote today!


Breathe fresh, clean air indoors with Special Gas Services' air purifiers in Brampton.

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