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In extreme weather conditions, your home comfort system is what keeps your mind at ease and allows you to escape the punishing conditions that Mother Nature can often create. That’s why Special Gas offers a line of Protection Plans for your systems.

Extreme weather conditions put extra stress onto your heating and cooling systems. Should they buckle under the pressure, the cost to fix them can be steep. An insurance plan from Special Gas Services will reduce the risk of breakdowns and help you avoid those pricey repairs. Our insurance plans provide you with a one-year parts and labour warranty in addition to maintenance done by one of our licensed technicians. There is also no waiting period! Your coverage begins as soon as our technician leaves your home. You are able to renew the warranty every year until the system is 20 years old, at which point you should be considering replacement anyways. We offer three different styles of insurance plans and three maintenance packages to meet your needs: Heating Plan Furnace Insurance. *Includes Furnace Maintenance – Only $209.95+HST Cooling Plan Air Conditioning Insurance. *Includes A/C Maintenance – Only $209.95+HST Heating / Cooling Plan Furnace & Air Conditioning Insurance. *Includes Furnace/AC maintenance – Only $314.95+HST Furnace Maintenance Only Only 109.95+HST Air Conditioning Maintenance Only Only 109.95+HST Furnace & Air Conditioner Maintenance *Combination Only* Only 159.95+HST Fill out the online form or call us today at 905-451-9081. Our live operators are available 24 hours a day and would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.


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