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Who in your family has the hottest bedroom in your house? In the summer, their room is the hottest. In the winter, their room is the coldest. We’re sure you know who it is at this point because they’ll complain about it often and adjust your thermostat – costing you a fortune. We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like this. If a home comfort system is installed properly, there should be an even and consistent temperature and air quality throughout all parts of the house (unless you choose to set your system up otherwise). If your system is not performing this way, it’s not working efficiently. Obviously, the first step you should always follow is make sure the vent to each room is open or make sure your split system is set up to keep the same temperature as the rest of the house. After that, if you’re still having a problem, you may want to consult our tips below. Here are some possible problems and solutions to your uneven cooling or heating: Possible Problems

  • Improper System or Duct Size for Your Home: If the load calculation for your system wasn’t done properly, it can affect the consistency and airflow of your system. This is also true for your ducts, because their size can affect the velocity at which the air travels through your home.

  • Too Few Return Ducts: Airflow return ducts are essential for even cooling. After some installations, technicians may not have accounted for everything necessary in the home and there will need to be more return vents for your system to work at peak efficiency.

  • Problems in the HVAC System: There are a lot of problems that can cause poor air flow, poor circulation or loss of cool air in certain rooms that your HVAC technician can diagnose. It could be something as simple as an air filter with too high of resistance or as serious as a bad compressor.

Possible Solutions

  • Turn Your System’s Fan On: A common problem that can cause hotspots is bad circulation. Turning on the fan can help your system run a proper cycle.

  • Service your System: Your Special Gas Services technician will inspect your system and make recommendations to not only cool your home evenly, but to do it more efficiently as well.

  • Clean or Replace Filters: It seems simple, but sometimes that’s all you need. A dirty or overused filter can be too resistant and cause your system to be working harder than it needs to.

As stated above, the biggest problem you will incur is bad airflow or poor circulation. These are issues that are best diagnosed by a licensed professional. Click here to contact a Special Gas service technician today!


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