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Your furnace is meant to bring you comfort, not noise. With the continuing development of furnace technology, furnaces get quieter all the time, but older furnaces can be quite loud. They may have been quiet to begin with, but as the machine ages, it develops problems, which cause it to get loud and noisy. An abnormally loud furnace can affect not only your comfort but also your bank account. An increase in the noise level of your furnace’s operation often means that there is some kind of inefficiency within the system. Depending on the age and fit of your home, here are some potential solutions to your noise problems:

  • Part repair

  • Maintenance

  • System adjustments

  • Add-on equipment to decrease workload

  • Full system or part replacement

Much of these issues stem from a lack of equipment maintenance. Therefore, having your system checked and cleaned regularly means that you’ll be able to spot where parts begin to fail and where your machine has to compensate for them. You’ll also be able to get to the root of why these parts began to fail in the first place and adjust your home comfort system and settings accordingly. With proper maintenance and adjustments your system should be able to run less, have shorter cycles and operate closer to its original state. At Special Gas we only use the highest quality materials, which help make your duct system much more rigid and not as affected by the daily operations of your home. Keep your system running efficiently and quietly, to hush the noise pollution in your home, click here and schedule maintenance with Special Gas Services today.


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