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Have you ever left your bike outside for an extended period of time? Rusty. What about a set of tools? Rusty. In a Canadian climate, even cars and piping around your home begin to rust. So, by this same logic, should you be worried about your air conditioner? It’s metal, it’s run on electricity and it’s exposed to water very frequently.

The outdoor unit of your air conditioner will sometimes be caught operating in some of the ugliest weather of the summer and we understand this may be concerning sometimes. A large electrical unit plus a lot of water usually equals something bad, but not in this case. Air conditioners are made to last in close to any weather conditions. Many people find themselves concerned with the electrical components, but they are all sealed very carefully to keep them safe from any potential weather threats. The only way that water can become a threat to your air conditioner is in very extreme circumstances. Floods can damage the system because once it is fully submerged in water, your external component will be much more vulnerable. Although, in the case of a flood, we’re sure your air conditioner will be pretty low on your list of concerns. Now, is there any other weather conditions that could potentially harm your air conditioner? There are some cases where a buildup of snow around your system can cause it to rust, which is why many people choose to purchase covers for their external systems over the winter months. The problem with many of these covers is airflow –which is why purchasing an air conditioner cover with proper ventilation is so important. Otherwise, covers can trap moisture within the system, that will subsequently not dry out until the cover is removed. Overall, the rain is no reason for you to worry about your air conditioner. If there is something that is going to take down your air conditioner, it’s much more likely to be something to do with air flow, a refrigerant leak, a bad compressor or a general lack of maintenance. If you want to keep your system safe, contact us today to set-up a service call with one of our many licensed professionals. Click here to contact us today!


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