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boy and dog under blanket

It’s cold out there. ‘Cause it’s winter, of course. We’ve already had treacherous freezing rain, snow and plummeting temperatures—thanks to an arctic air mass that sent parts of Ontario into a deep freeze. But you’re all snug-as-a-bug in your cozy home, aren’t you? All wrapped up in your favourite sweater and fuzzy slippers, enjoying the good life while winter rolls on through. And why not? You work hard; you deserve to be comfortable in your own fortress. True comfort is a beautiful thing. It’s an unapologetic ease and the absolute freedom from all things distressing.

It’s also something that tends to be casually taken for granted. It (really) wasn’t all that long ago when folks huddled together in damp, dark caves—warming their toes next to a cauldron of boiling rocks. (Or something like that.) Technology has propelled us out of those darker ages and into a much more comfortable living. You come home after a long day, open the front door and whoosh—warm air greets you in the winter, and cool air gives you a high-five in the summer. You flip a switch and darkness is replaced with light. You turn some knobs and clean water rushes out at you—hot or cold—you get to decide. How great is that? You flush a tiny little lever and all your private business is sucked away into oblivion. No digging of holes, no foraging for clean leaves. You have plenty of soft paper on an endless roll within arms reach—at all times. These are just a few of the many comforts of home. Remember 10 years back when we had that almost province-wide power outage that lasted for days? There was an uneasiness and fear that rippled through neighbourhoods. It was almost primal. You flip the switch and nothing happens. It’s still dark. No warm air whooshes to greet you. Your fortress is silent, cold and dark. You’re moments away from collecting rocks and foraging for leaves. Brrr. (OK, OK, so it was August, but it was still creepy.) Thankfully, that rarely happens, but it’s still a reminder that your comfort shouldn’t be taken for granted. We know about comfort. It’s our job to know about comfort. We specialize in your #comfortzone. There is still magic inside the zone, and we’re always thinking about it. Contact us today at 905-451-9081 and one of our service professionals will come out to your home to check your systems and ensure that this winter—you’re always greeted with the whoosh of warm air.


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