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Furnace filter

Furnace problems can be very annoying. They leave you stuck in the cold, combing through cobwebs and – sometimes for little to no reason – spending money.

Sometimes your furnace is in need of replacement, a new filter or a new part. In which case, only licensed professionals should be doing real work or repairs on them, and like any licensed professional, they cost money. Spending money when you don’t necessarily have to however is not an activity we recommend to anybody. So, if you’re having furnace troubles, here are 5 things to check for before calling a licensed technician:

  1. Make sure the furnace fuse or breaker is on. Locate the electrical panel in your home and find the switch or fuse that is connected to your furnace. If the breaker is tripped (in-between on and off) push it all the way off and then switch it back on. If the fuse is blown, you will have to replace the fuse with the same size as before. If the furnace continues to shut down there may be connectivity issues and you should call a professional.

  2. Check if your thermostat is set correctly. Believe it or not this happens. Your thermostat may be set to a temperature lower than your comfort level and may be the only reason your furnace isn’t heating your house. Your thermostat could also be broken, in which case you will need a replacement.

  3. Ensure the furnace switch is on. There should be a switch beside or in the area of your furnace that needs to be in the ON position for your furnace to function. It can often look like a light switch and may have been switched off by accident.

  4. Check the status of your furnace filter. If your filter is either extremely dirty or of a very high MERV rating, it may be too restrictive and your furnace is shutting down because of a lack of air flow.

  5. Clear all snow from any ventilation. Some furnaces – especially newer, high efficiency furnaces – have exhaust and intake pipes that connect to an exterior wall. When there is a large snowfall they can often get clogged up with snow and shut down your furnace without any warning. By clearing the snow from the surrounding area and the pipes, your furnace should start up again on its own.

If none of these tips have worked, you may have a more serious problem on your hands, which means it’s time to call a professional. Special Gas Services technicians are always experienced, bonded, factory trained and licensed. We will install and service your equipment with incomparable professionalism. To book a service appointment or if you are in need of emergency service, give us a call at 905-451-9081 or leave us a message.


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