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5% of Canadian citizens' energy usage is spent on space cooling. That may not seem like much. With how expensive things are, though, every bit of savings you can manage can be worth a lot.

That's why you need to have the most effective air conditioning Brampton has. A less effective air conditioning unit can use more energy.

However, regular AC maintenance isn't the only way to increase AC unit efficiency. There are plenty of other tricks you may not know about. For example, you may not have known that you shouldn't leave your windows open when you're running a residential AC.

Read on to learn more about this.

Open Windows Overwork Your Unit

When you keep your windows open, cool air escapes, and warm air enters your home. Your AC will try to fight this warm air as it cools your home. Neither force will win.

Your AC should shut off periodically after it cools the air. It won't be able to cool down the air when the warm air is constantly flowing in. Thus, the unit will continue to blow, and it will become overworked.

Reduces AC Unit Efficiency

If you keep overworking your unit, it will end up having more breakdowns. As a result, you'll need to keep calling AC repairmen. Constantly repairing AC units can get highly expensive over time.

If you keep overworking your unit, you can end up shortening its lifespan as well. Your AC unit will then stop working before it should. It will cost you a lot more money to replace your AC unit.

Makes Your AC Dirtier

Your AC's air filter sits next to the vent in your AC unit. It collects all of the dangerous particles in your air, like hair and dust. When it gets too full of debris, the AC unit has to work harder to push air out into your home.

Luckily, you can fix this issue by just replacing the air filter. However, if you leave your window open, you'll end up cleaning the filter more often. Your AC unit will end up pulling more air debris into your home when you leave the window open.

On top of that, the AC filter won't catch all of the air debris. You'll likely end up breathing in a lot of that air debris. This can cause your health to suffer, especially if you are allergy-prone or suffering from asthma.

We'll Give You the Best Air Conditioning Brampton Has

In sum, leaving your window open while your AC unit is on can negatively affect its efficiency. It can also affect your health. Therefore, it's best to leave your window closed when you're running your AC unit.

Also, if you've been running into common AC issues, consider hiring our services at Special Gas Services. We offer AC repair, installation, and maintenance in several Ontario cities, including Brampton.

Visit us or call us to get a free price quote for the best air conditioning Brampton has. You can also fill out your information in the box at the bottom of this page.


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